An Electrifying Journey

Finding a good doctor is like finding a good car. Many test drives may be required, and after a few miles, you might change your mind and try something new.

I have been to nine neurologists. At the height of my desperation and frustration, I finally found one that saved my life.

The best thing about my doctor is he makes a really, really big admission. He tells you:


I never thought I'd hear a neurologist confess he was anything but all-knowing. Those words were so important to me, after a couple of years of asking 'why?' and not getting good answers.

I could write some nasty things about some of the other eight, but I'm not going to. I would like to keep this positive, and use this forum for a place to share recommendations.

My recommendation is Dr. David Labiner, U of A Medical Center, Tucson, AZ.

Finding a good neurologist is hard.

Who do you recommend?